Rising Stars

Rising Stars Poster - 11x17 - final

Join us on March 31 for a concert packed with young talent, as we present the winners of the CMO’s inaugural Rising Stars competition. Sarah Anderson-Caulfield – soprano, Jackson Howard – trombone, Jonah Kassel – violin, and Solchan Kim – violin, will be performing alongside the CMO, with pieces such as Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in G minor. We hope to see you there!

Looking for Musicians!

IMG_3119The “Met” is looking for some skilled musicians to join our ranks. If you are a talented musician and are looking for a challenging experience producing beautiful music in a fun, supportive environment, please consider playing with the CMO.

The CMO is dedicated to performing quality Classical music in our local community of Chilliwack, B.C. We strive to provide our outstanding patrons with the very best in programming, and we endeavour to make each and every concert unique and inspirational. Our goals include having a fun time making wonderful music, and fostering a love and appreciation for the arts and especially music.

                                                         Our rehearsals our held weekly on Wednesday                                                                       evenings.

                                                         We are generally open to any orchestral instruments,                                                             but we especially have need of players of the following                                                           instruments:


                                                         All Strings


      Second Trumpet