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If you are looking for a challenging experience producing beautiful music in a fun, supportive environment we are the orchestra for you.

The Met currently has openings for:



 Double Bass





These positions would be for advanced players who are interested in challenging symphonic repertoire. Older youth and up are welcome. Must be willing to commit to Wednesday evening rehearsals in Chilliwack and 2-4 or more concerts per year. Audition required by appointment.

For concert and orchestra information contact us through your Google account at

Email Address:

Postal Mailing Address: Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra, PO Box 2076 Station Main, Chilliwack,  BC    V2R 1A5

BC Provincial COVID Protocols are in effect for masks and vaccinations

(* see current UPDATES below).


The Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra Covid-19 Safety Plan

This Covid Safety Plan was developed to minimize the risk due to Covid-19. This Plan was developed to conform to current public health orders and may be updated from time to time as public health information or PHO requirements change. Other Plans may be developed as needed for rehearsals at other locations and for performances.

Plan Applies To: Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra Rehearsals at the Salvation Army Community Church, Chilliwack, British Columbia

By attending rehearsals, you agree to adhere to this Plan :

1. The is no occupancy limit at rehearsals.

2.  Each participant must have had 2 vaccines and provide official proof (QR code) of such.

3.  If you will not be at a rehearsal, please notify Gregory Johnson.

4.  Do not handle anyone else’s belongings.

5.  Do not go into areas in the church other than the sanctuary and washrooms.

6. If you or a family member are sick or have been sick with COVID-19 symptoms in past 5 days, do not come to rehearsal. If you or a family member are under the direction of the provincial health office to self-isolate, do not come to rehearsal.

7.  Wearing a face mask is optional.

8.  Remain seated to the extent possible. This does not apply to percussionists and string bass players.

9.  Hand sanitizer is available for your use.

10. Keep your coat, music case, etc. with you (i.e. coat on the back of your chair; case on the floor beside you). 

11. There will be no sharing of stands or music, and no exchanging of music between players.

12.  Do not empty spit on the floor. Use a disposable product (like a puppy pad or paper towel) or a clean towel that can be washed. If using a disposable product, take it home to dispose of it. (Do not dispose of it at the church.) If using a washable cloth, make sure it is washed prior to bringing it to the next rehearsal.

13.  Minimize aerosolization by not blowing forcefully on spit valves or keys. Use hand sanitiser before moving around if you have handled condensation and/or spit valves.

14.  Ensure that you have provided current contact information (phone and email).

Communication of Covid Safety Plan:

  • This Plan is communicated to all members and others who are attending rehearsals.
  • This Plan will be communicated to any new participant before attending their first rehearsal.
  • This Plan will be communicated again if there are any changes.
  • UPDATED : March 16, 2022