CMO – Discussion (Players and Other CMO Members)

This room is for general discussion among the players and other members of The CMO.

Consider this a CHAT ROOM. Feel free to share music tips or trivia as well as non-music subjects. It is a place to have the kind of chat for which our rehearsal time does not allow. Tell each other about family milestones, favourite recipes, hobbies, books, movies, something you want to sell, etc.

(There are no particular restrictions other than the usual expectations for chat room etiquette.)

Note: This is not a “live” chat.

UPDATE : Added the “Reply” option (i.e. arrow) so that related contributions will be grouped as a conversation thread responding to the original comment – as of January 20, 2023.

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50 Replies to “CMO – Discussion (Players and Other CMO Members)”

  1. The DIGITAL VERSIONS of the concert programme are now online . . . for anyone who wishes to view, download, or print copies. These can be found in the MENU tab called, oddly enough, Digital Programmes. (Hehehe)

    Please tell folks. Direct others to our website. Knowing what is “on tap” could be a selling point for ticket sales!

    Digital Programmes

  2. Hi, All:

    Just checked the online ticket sales : 27 as of today, March 21st. (Up 11 from last week’s tally of 16.)

    Please keep spreading the word! Our average for the last four concerts is 90 attendees. Can we break 100?

    See you tonight at the ROTARY HALL rehearsal.

    UPDATE – March 23, 2023 : Two more tickets have sold online since the 21st. TOTAL : 29

    UPDATE – March 25, 2023 : Two more tickets have sold online. TOTAL : 31

  3. Yesterday, I purchased two tickets through our website without issue – using an Apple iPad and Safari browser. :0)

    BTW: To date, 16 advance tickets have been sold online for the March 26th concert.

  4. Enjoyed the CASCADIA WIND ENSEMBLE concert in Abby yesterday.

    Particularly exciting was the piece composed by Robert W. Smith called “The Inferno”, based on Dante’s literary work of the same name.

    Congrats to Shannon and the CMO musicians who play with the CWE.

  5. To Greg C.

    Ticket information is on our website under the Home Page MENU tabs i.e. Upcoming Concerts.

  6. Hi, Folks:

    As we work toward two BIG projects, there have been “sub-discussion” categories added within the DISCUSSION room : The Silent Auction AND The Titanic. This will separate relevant information from the rest of any general topics.

    In the MENU BAR, hold mouse curser over the DISCUSSION tab. The two subdivisions with appear to the right.

    Please direct all comments and questions to the appropriate room. Thanks.

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