CMO – Questions & Answers (The Board)

This room is for Board Members to leave messages for the CMO players.

Players also may post questions, comments, concerns, and ideas for The Board here.

Note: This is not a “live” chat. Please allow 3-4 days for replies.

UPDATE : Added the “Reply” option (i.e. arrow) so that related contributions will be grouped as a conversation thread responding to the original comment – as of January 20, 2023.

How to ADD a File when posting a Comment :

1.  Enter text into the COMMENTS box at the bottom of this page.  It can be just a period/dot (.) as long as the box is not empty.

2.  Click on CHOOSE FILES.

3.  SELECT/HIGHLIGHT one or more images/files from your computer in the order in which you want these to appear on the webpage.


Note: RIGHT CLICK on a posted image and a new window can be opened for a larger view.


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  1. Great News!
    The second grant application was approved today ,not sure of the amount but it’s good news for our survival going forward.

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