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28 Replies to “CMO – Questions & Answers (The Board)”

  1. Attn. Nigel,
    Thanks for your response re: Xmas tree & garland display .
    Both items were put to good use backstage on the music collection table:)
    Happy New Year to All!


  2. WOW! What a prompt response!

    Thanks, Nigel. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

    January 4, 2023

  3. This is an excellent idea. I will start this week contacting schools and see if we can recruit any budding players. Will post the results here in due course.

  4. Here’s an idea for RECRUITMENT . . .

    7 of the occasional players who joined us at Christmas play BAND instruments i.e. saxophone, clarinet, tuba, trumpet, flute, and percussion (2).

    The estimated combined ticket sales for October (60 x $30 = $1800) and Christmas (100 x $30 = $3000) = $4800. Add the two guest artists, viola, and the director’s fees. If these 11 folks averaged $435 each, then we broke even. Some got more, some got less.

    We should find a way to contact the local high school bands to see if there are any students who play these instruments at a level required for the CMO. Then, some of the ticket sales money could go to other expenses rather than to the occasional players (as much as I love having them join us).

    Thoughts? Does anyone on The Board have contacts with the high school band network in Chilliwack and Sardis?

  5. Hello, All:

    The CMO is looking for new players to join us. Has The Board or anyone got any ideas, in addition to our website, for recruiting others to audition?

  6. Att Lydia
    Just wanted to let you know I was early on Sunday to help with setup. I asked Colleen and also Ken about some decorations that had been left in a locker room. Neither of them was aware of any decorations. I hope you were able to retrieve them after the concert,and want to thank you for your bringing them,but also wanted you to be aware of why they were not used.

  7. Currently, we accept EventBrite (online) and cash at the door for ticket sales.

    Yesterday, I was playing “go-between” with emails. Sandra had asked me if there could be INTERAC as a payment option at the door. I forwarded her inquiry to Brian.

    Will debit/credit card payments become an option at the door? If so, let me know and this can be promoted on our website for the next concert in March. Also, will there be a “processing fee %” – as with EventBrite. If so, will it be added to, or included in, the current $30-$35 ticket prices and bundles?


  8. This message is for Nigel,

    Vince mentioned that you are looking after Christmas decorations for this concert.
    FYI, on Wednesday, I delivered a fiber optic tree and garland with plug ins to Ken Kimberley. If you can find use for these decorations, they are stored in the music collection bin located in the locked room at the Salvation Army for which Ken has the key.


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