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34 Replies to “CMO – Questions & Answers (The Board)”

  1. Seems like Summer had arrived early this past weekend…hooray.
    Would like to let all members know that at our last meeting the board has decided to return to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre for our next season,and we will be performing in the Rotary Hall.
    Details of the next season have still to be finalized but will be by the end of this month as we need to let the CCC know details so we can be featured in their printed programme. The Titanic concert next Spring is still on with Greg looking at music that will fit.

    1. Thanks for the update, Nigel. Cool. Lots of room on the stage!

      Will rehearsals next season still be at the Salvation Army Church?

  2. Thank you all for a really great concert. You made it happen! Was at the exit afterwards and many positive comments from the audience. Thank you ,thank you.

    1. Thanks, Nigel:

      I’ll post these in the PHOTO GALLERY of our website for the public to view. Always nice to have updated photos of The CMO.

  3. Great dress rehearsal last night. Think the sound in the Rotary Hall was excellent. Really looking forward to Sunday’s concert,and thank you all for your time and participation..

  4. We do have two ads coming up in the Chilliwack Progress.
    In addition I will be reminding friends,supporters etc that the concert is upcoming, I would request that you all please let all your friends and acquaintanances know of our Spring concert.

    1. I attended the CWE concert in Abby yesterday.

      They advertise their upcoming events/concerts from 2 to 8 MONTHS in advance. They also have double the audience which the CMO draws. I can’t help but wonder if early promotion is a factor in drawing a larger attendance.

      Doing likewise might be something worth trying to see if we can grow our audience.

  5. Upcoming Concert – March 26, 2023 – THREE WEEKS from today

    Are there any plans to promote our concert beyond what our website and Facebook pages have done thus far?

    1. If someone already hasn’t done so, here is an idea using The Board’s EMAIL DATABASE of patrons.

      Send a “short, but sweet” email – with LINK to our website. Something simple like the following:


      The CMO announces our March 26th concert : Classical Music’s All-Time Greatest Hits . . . Ever!”

      Please see our website for ticket information and other details. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

      Upcoming Concerts & Tickets Information

      1. Also . . . The Concert Program is a great marketing tool ahead of concert day.

        Uploading the DIGITAL VERSION to our website as soon as possible would be to our advantage as it may help sell additional tickets – while giving attendees time to print their own DIY copy to bring with them to the concert if they wish to do so.


    2. I have connected with CBC North by Northwest radio show on Saturday and Sundays 6:00 to 9:00 and the regular host Margaret Gallagher said she is away but that the guest host will hopefully give us a plug. Also, Jenna from the Progress will be interviewing Jessica and Emily so hopefully will have a photo and article in.

      1. If ads are not printed in The Progress until next week’s issue (17th), that will be only 9 days before the concert. Too late, I suspect, for FIRST announcements in a newspaper to do us much good. Nine days may be plenty of time for folks with less-busy schedules, but that is only one segment of our community. Others have schedules which are planned further ahead around work, schooling, extracurricular activities, etc. Therefore, I imagine, we need to reach out earlier if we hope to appeal to the broader community.

        Future Concerts : I would recommend placing an ad at 6 weeks before, with follow-up ads at 4 weeks and 2 weeks before – directing folks to our website for information on how to purchase tickets.

        The interview article is a great idea. Timing may be a factor, though.

        Will the website be prominently promoted as well? A mention of auditions, too? Supporters Club for donors?

  6. Good morning all. Just a follow-up to my chat with the orchestra last night.
    Big news is Anne’s brilliant idea for a Titanic concert in April 2024.She and I will be getting together to form a sub committee to make this happen and we will be reaching out to you for assistance in this project.A lot of planning is required plus Greg letting us know what will and what will not be feasible.Something to look forward to.
    Silent Auction. We are planning to hold this at the Christmas concert.Any donations will be much appreciated and acknowledged.Ideally anything new or any quality used items that are easily transportable.If you let me know I can come and collect,my e mail is
    Grants. We have three applications in the works so will be letting you know if any are approved.
    The Hub. As I mentioned Vince has put a lot of effort in making our website shine. Please use The Hub for communication,ideas etc.For matters requiring fast answers obviously this is not the arena,but it is a place to bring us together.Thanks for listening to me yesterday.

    1. Thanks for “dropping in” last evening. It was good to hear that you, Anne, and Greg are cooking up some projects to build toward a future for our orchestra. I already am looking forward to next season. :0)

  7. With regards to recruiting players just wanted to advise I left printed notices ar the main high schools,stating we are actively looking for volunteers to play in our orchestra.

  8. Community Arts Advisory Meeting

    Just wanted to let all know I attended yesterday a meeting of all the major arts groups here in Chilliwack,only noticable absent group was the CSO.
    This was arranged by the new general manager and artistic director for the Cultural Center,Jean Louis Bleau. Was very informative and interesting to hear how other groups are coping.It appears most are struggling and doing their best to move forward in this post COVID era. But main takes from the meeting were the following.
    The center wants groups to perform in their space and are offering creative reduced rates to make this happen, especially to non profit groups. Presently we are comfortable and happy with our residence at the Salvation Army church.
    Jean Louis put forward an idea for a concert involving all groups to perform on one night.He has named it Winter Fantasia ,and put forward a date the 10th December. We will be discussing this with Greg,to see if this would fit in with our future programming.
    This gathering of all groups is going to take place three times a year.
    Any questions please feel free to contact me.

    1. I would support these efforts to make us more visible among the Arts Groups as well as the city at large. The December event would be great fun, I think.

      Maybe our sinking ship could be kept afloat after all?

      Thanks, Nigel, for representing the CMO at the meeting yesterday.

  9. Just wanted members to know that I have been to the three main secondary schools here in Chilliwack, Chilliwack Secondary, Sardis Secondary and Imagine High Integrated and they are going to post a notice on their boards, to the effect that we are looking for voluntary members to join our orchestra. Hopefully this will have some positive results.

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