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  1. My main contributions will be a hand woven wool plaid blanket, some hand spun yarn, maybe some knitted items and there is a student level violin I may also add. Wayne has also be contributing a set of hand tied fishing flies.

    1. WOW, Anne. Things already are piling up at your end. Time for me to get the lead out! :0)

      I am looking forward to hearing about the committee. I have a couple of ideas and questions to share when the time comes.

      1. The yarn is KROY for socks. It is a little heavier than “super fine.” Just use, as is, right off the skein. (NOT double stranded as I previously had thought. Oops.)

        ONE skein ($12) will make one sock = TWO skeins for a pair of socks ($24).


    We are looking for QUALITY home-made items for the “Silent Auction” to be held in Fall 2023.

    Knitting. Crocheting. Quilting. Woodworking. Other?

    Feel free to post ideas and comments. Let’s turn some down-time summer projects into cash for the orchestra!

    *Kudos to ANNE for planting the seed of this idea for auction items.

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