Past Featured Artists

Gregorio Jonsoni
(Maestro Emeritus)

Maestro Gregorio Jonsoni has returned to his homeland of Italy with his wife and large family of thirteen children:  Gregorio III, Gabriella, Gino, Giacomo, Ginevra, Giorgia, twins Giovanna and Gianna, Gia, Giuliano, Giovanni, and twins Guiseppe and Guido.  Ever superstitious, Gregorio wished to have more children, to which his wife responded:  “Darling, I love you, but I will take my chances with thirteen.  I’m exhausted.”

These days, Gregorio directs the Children’s Choir of Turin in which all of his children, save one, are members.  His son and namesake, Gregorio III, an accomplished skier, spends his days on the slopes of The Alps.

In his free time  –  precious little  –  Gregorio builds birdhouses in his home woodshop.  In collaboration with a local clockmaker, many of these are converted into cuckoo clocks and are popular with the locals and tourists alike.